The Strategic Selling Tool for Complex Sales

Why SellVantage is Ideal for Closing Complex Sales

Technology has led to significant advancements in sales.  With the advent of cost-effective computing in the 90's, sales force automation (SFA) emerged, enabling centralized and rapid access to sales information.  A decade later, CRM streamlined lead tracking, prospect qualification, and sales performance analysis. Unfortunately, these significant advancements have addressed issues that exist at the front-end of the sales process, and essentially ignore the more critical and challenging selling tasks found farther down the sales process.

With the growing cost of selling, escalating competition, and increasing pressure to win deals in a tighter economy, savvy sales managers are looking "outside the box" of traditional sales technologies for a solution to help them boost selling and closing performance.  SellVantage is an innovative new sales technology focused on addressing the unique sales challenges found later in the sales process.

SellVantage was designed to help sell and close complex deals.  Deals where:
  • The products and services are expensive and/or the sales are of strategic importance
  • The selling effort requires numerous sales "touches" to close the deal
  • There are multiple influencers and approvers
  • The sales-cycle is long
  • There are multiple sales hurdles and deadlines
  • The delivery date may be fixed, adding to closing pressure
  • There is a high-level of external or internal competition, whether external or internal

SellVantage Provides Many Benefits to Sellers
Because SellVantage considers and analyzes the factors that influence each sale, sales feedback is more, impactful, actionable and measurable.   As a result:
  • Account sales situations and selling efforts can be objectively measured and scored
  • Account selling progress can be accurately measured and stalled or "regressing" accounts can easily be identified
  • Sales actions can be performed to improve the sellers position in the account based on information not conjecture
  • Sales forecasting is far more accurate since the factors that actually influence the sales are now considered
  • Projected sales revenue is also improved due to more accurate sales forecasting
  • Sales rep. performance can now be measured and problems addressed before the sale, not after the its won or lost

SellVantage Provides Strategic Value
One of SellVantage's most powerful features is its ability to generate a prioritized near-term sales strategy to win each account.  This strategy lists the most important steps that should be taken to provide the quickest and most significant positive impact on the account.  The selling organization's sales experience, best practices and sales process can be incorporated into SellVantage to provide even more detailed actionable guidance.  The ability to generate an account-specific sales strategy relieves the sales manager from having to develop a "suggested" action plan for problem accounts.

Other Benefits of SellVantage
  • Increases "traction" and progress in stalled accounts
  • Improves sales process consistency and the adoption of sales best practices
  • Enables sales managers to measure sales progress more granularly
  • Boosts the sales performance
  • Greatly reduces ramp-up time of new sales rep's  •  (513) 699-3800  •  800 Compton Road, Bldg. 13  •  Cincinnati, OH  45231 
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