The Strategic Selling Tool for Complex Sales

SellVantage Improves Selling Performance

The SellVantage Product
SellVantage is a revolutionary new sales closing tool.  It employs a patent-pending analytical engine that enables the seller to assess how they stand in each sales account and the actions they need to take to improve their position.  SellVantage
is not a CRM solution, but a stand-alone PC-based sales tool to improve sales reporting consistency, rep. accountability, sales forecast accuracy and, most important, sales closure.

SellVantage enables sellers to consider, evaluate, and initiate impactful sales actions based on the factors that influence the sale --  factors we refer to as "sales reality."  SellVantage's unique configurable multi-factor design and powerful analytical engine, weighs the impact of numerous sales factors that influence the closability of the sale.

SellVantage considers dozens of factors including sales team experience and performance, product position in the market, the complexity of the buying organization's bidding process, and the competitive influences impacting the account.  This results in a far more accurate picture of each account's situation. SellVantage comes "standard" with over three dozen key sales factors and an analytical "weighting" system pre-defined, but can be easily be reconfigured to accommodate each organization's sales experience, best practices, and preferences.

Data Driven Analysis and Reporting
Because SellVantage is "data driven," it greatly improves consistency, objectivity and thoroughness for the sales manager assessing account health and viability.  It provides detailed factor scoring, allowing the sales manager to quickly identify selling issues impacting the account and recommend corrective action for his/her sales team.  Then, during the next account review, the sales manager can measure the effectiveness of these actions and uncover any other impediments to winning the sale.  The sales manager can objectively determine when a sales opportunity is progressing, stalled, or worse "regressing".  In other words, SellVantage turns selling from an art, employing subjectivity and conjecture, to a repeatable and continuously improvable data-driven science.

Based upon better account intelligence, SellVantage scores each prospect's situation, clearly identifying the account's sales weaknesses, issues, and viability.  It computes the close probability, far more accurately than ever before.  Furthermore, SellVantage's revolutionary sales technology provides detailed guidance on how to continuously improve the seller's position in the account – providing the shortest path to win the sale.

Factor Definition and Data Import & Export
Prospects are modeled in SellVantage using pull-down menus and a few check-boxes & data entry fields.  SellVantage can be customized to import or export sales data from/to other systems such as CRM. Separate factor groups can also be established to support different product and service lines, where the factor "mix" or factor weighting is different.

Configuring SellVantage
SellVantage can be configured to consider as few as 10 to as many as several dozen factors influencing the sale.  The tool comes with a full-suite of pre-established sales factors, but can be easily modified to adopt the selling organization's sales best practices, experience and beliefs.  SellVantage factors represent three types of influences: cost/price, time, and situational or environmental.  Further, SellVantage divides factors into three categories:  Sales Resources, Product or Service, and Prospect.  Factors reflecting these types and categories enable SellVantage to establish a true reality of each sales situation.  The same factors and many factor "selections" can be established and applied to similar sales opportunities, eliminating redundant "data entry" and streamlining prospect profiling.

The SellVantage Platform
SellVantage runs on a PC or Mac and can be implemented to run either stand-alone or integrated with other systems including CRM. Because it can run stand-alone, it can generate meaningful results quickly without a costly "implementation" effort requiring "IT involvement".  •  (513) 699-3800  •  800 Compton Road, Bldg. 13  •  Cincinnati, OH  45231

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