The Strategic Selling Tool for Complex Sales

How SellVantage Helps Close Big Deals

A Different Approach
SellVantage is a radical departure from other software-based selling solutions.  Existing selling solutions use CRM as their foundation.  CRM data is largely a product of prospecting activity and past sales performance which provides little value to sellers trying to develop and close deals. Instead, SellVantage uniquely considers the factors that actually influence the sale, and leverages this information to provide meaningful sales analysis and guidance.


Sales situational information is easily entered into SellVantage using a series of pull-down menus, each representing a sales factor. Each factor provides a series of weighted options.  The design of the factors and the weights used in SellVantage's proprietary scoring system are "user" configurable.  Factors are logically organized into categories that represent the major influence-areas impacting a sale -- sales resource factors, product & service factors, and prospect-related factors.

Once the factors have been defined, repre
senting the account's situation, the sales manager uses SellVantage's powerful analytical engine to generate both an account analysis and an action strategy. The account analysis report scores the account, providing: closability grade by category;  account progress by direction, rate, & relative to critical "delivery" dates;  seller-buyer alignment; close probability, projected sales revenue broken down by key delivery dates, and confidence levels.  The account strategy report provides a prioritized list of "to-dos" specific to the account at that time to improve the seller's position over the near-term.  Each strategic item incorporates detailed guidance facilitating its completion based on the selling organization's best practices and experience, thus improving selling process consistency, increasing sales rep accountability, and shortening the ramp up time of new sales reps.

Initial Configuration
SellVantage is supplied with a standard set of generic factors, minimizing the time needed to generate useful results.  As the seller gains experience using SellVantage, the number of factors, their definition and weighting system can be customized to reflect the seller's specific sales process, best practices, and preferences.

As noted above, SellVantage divides the factors that influence a sale into three categories:  Sales Resource, Product/Service, and Prospect.  The factors that define the first two categories are established first.  Since these factors are largely the same for each prospect, they only need to be entered once, but can be updated over time as needed.  This streamlines the profiling of prospects, as the seller only needs to select the specific sales resource(s) and product/service that's being sold, thus loading their respective factor values into the "equation".  SellVantage can be easily customized to import data maintained in other sales systems, such as CRM.  The SellVantage organization provides consulting to assist the client in the implementation and tailoring of the selling tool.

Prospect Profiling, Analysis, & Strategy
  1. The sales manager, working with his/her sales team, identifies a developing sales opportunity of significant and/or strategic value to the organization, warranting the allocation of sales resources and use of SellVantage in selling the account.

  2. The sales team develops an initial profile of the account in SellVantage.  The sales resource(s);  product/service components, pricing, & critical dates; and the prospect's sales situation, including their buying process & approvers, competitive influences, & funding are identified to the best of the ability of the sales team.

  3. The sales manager runs an initial analysis using SellVantage to score the account, identify the sales strengths & weaknesses, seller-buyer alignment issues, and its initial close probability.
  4. After reviewing the account's analysis results with the sales team, the sales manager generates an account strategy, providing a near-term action plan for his/her sales team working the account.

The above profiling, analysis, and generation of account strategy is repeated with each account review until the close of the deal.  At each account review, only the factors that have changed are updated - taking only a few minutes to complete. Report data generated by SellVantage can be exported to other sales systems such as CRM for wider distribution and use.  •  (513) 699-3800  •  800 Compton Road, Bldg. 13  •  Cincinnati, OH  45231 
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