The Strategic Selling Tool for Complex Sales

Finally, a Sales Tool that Helps the Seller Win Deals

SellVantage is a innovative new sales tool for winning large, complex deals and closing strategically important accounts.

It is an analytical sales tool that considers the significant factors that influence complex sales.  It enables the seller to accurately measure and continuously improve their position in complex deals -- improving their odds of closing the sale.

In simple terms, SellVantage gives the seller the ability to perform a "lost sale" like analysis, except before the sale, enabling the seller to take corrective action to win the business.

New Generation Sales Tool
SellVantage is a completely new generation of sales tool.  Existing sales solutions, like CRM, provide little value to those doing the heavy lifting -- selling and closing, because they were designed for contact management, which focuses on the front-end of the sales process. 
By applying modern sales analytics to the latter stages of the sales process, SellVantage allows the seller to objectively consider and evaluate the impact of the actual factors that directly influence the sale.

Analyzes and Scores Each Opportunity
SellVantage analytically scores each opportunity, enabling the seller to consistently measure account progress, understand their sales strengths & weaknesses in each account, uncover selling issues early, and determine close probability more accurately than every before.  More importantly, by leveraging each account's scoring data, SellVantage's also provides a detailed near "real-time" sales plan to increase the seller's competitive edge in each account.

Easy to Implement and Customize
SellVantage is completely configurable -- adopting each selling organization's sales process, experience, and best practices.  And it is easy to implement, since it doesn't require information from other systems (but supports it) and runs stand-alone on a PC or Mac.

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